Collection: PİERCİNG

Piercing models, which have been in human life for centuries, are among the accessories that have been much more popular recently. Piercing, which dates back to Ancient Egypt, was used by wealthy people living in that period. In addition, we know that this accessory was also used as a symbol of courage by the soldiers in the same period.


Piercing models, which have been used by many civilizations for many years, are generally preferred by young people today. When it comes to piercing, the first thing that comes to mind is ear piercings. But today, you can see that navel piercing types are also widely used.


Since a certain part of the accessories come into contact with the skin and enter the body, they must be produced using healthy materials. In this sense, when purchasing products, piercing materials should be examined and you should focus on quality products. Silver piercings will not only fit your body perfectly, but will also prevent you from experiencing an allergic reaction.